Women Power Tournament at Pin Up Casino

Women Power Tournament at Pin Up Casino

On March 1 at 03:00 Moscow time the Women Power tournament started at Pin Up online casino. The competition is held with the support of Spinomenal provider. Total prize pool – 2 250 000 rubles without the vager. All users, who have registered on the official site of Pin Up service, are allowed to participate. The level of loyalty does not matter. No qualification is required. Participation is free of charge. The minimum bet is 45 RUB / 0.5 EUR per spin. The maximum limit is not specified. There will be 150 prizes. Results will be announced on March 16 at 03:00 (MSC).

The tournament is based on a ranking points system. For each winning bid, the user will receive points going into the overall standings. The points are calculated according to the captured odds of winning – the higher it is, the higher the participant is in the list of leaders.

For example, during the promotion the user made two winning bets of 50 and 150 rubles. The winnings amounted to RUR 750 and RUR 2250 respectively. Therefore, rating points will be calculated as follows: (750 / 50) + (2250 / 150) = 15 + 15 = 30 tournament points. At the end of the contest, all the points accumulated by the player are summed up, and the table of leaders is formed. 150 participants with the best results become winners and share 2 250 000 roubles:

place tournament winnings
1360,000 RUB
2225,000 RUB
3180,000 RUBLES
4135,000 RUB
590,000 RUB
681,000 RUB
772,000 RUB
845,000 RUB
936,000 RUB
1031,500 RUBLES
11-2027,000 RUB
21-3018,000 RUB
31-409,000 RUB
41-507200 RUB
51-1004500 RUB
101-1503150 RUB

There is no limit to the maximum number of points a player may earn. If several contestants finish the contest with the same score, the user who scored first will have priority in the rating. Prizes are awarded within three days of summing up the results. There are no wagering requirements.

Only real money bets on the following slots will count towards the tournament: Story of Medusa, Aztec Spell, Goddess of Lotus, Origins of Lilith, Magical Amazon, Story of Egypt, Book of Demi Gods 2, Nights of Egypt, Queen of Ice and Demi Gods 2.

The Pin Up Casino Administration and the organizer of Spinomenal reserve the right to make changes to the current race terms and conditions without prior notice. All standard site rules and bonus policy provisions must also be complied with.

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