Winter Rolling Tournament at Play Fortuna Casino

Winter Rolling Tournament at Play Fortuna Casino

On December 3 at 12:00 p.m. Moscow time, the online casino Play Fortuna has launched the Winter Rollover race for those who are video slot enthusiasts. The total prize pool is 100,000 EUR and 150,000 freespins. The competition will end on December 28, 2021, at 02:59 (MSC). Anyone can take part. For all phases, 2,000 winners will be determined. All you have to do is register and pay the minimum bet of €0.40.

Winners will be determined based on leaderboard results. The mechanics of calculating the maximum number of points will be used. Only spins with multipliers x20+ will participate. The final rating consists of WP – Win Points. Bonus games are also taken into account.

At each stage, the participant takes the prize. For this he receives RP – Race Points, which are taken into account in determining the winner of the final competition. The scoring system is as follows:

Bet, EUR Ratio

For example, playing for €10, the participant caught a multiplier of x130. Using the table, we can see that the sum falls under the multiplier x2. So, 130 * 2 is needed to get leaderboard points – 260 WP.

The total prize pool of 100,000 EUR and 150,000 freespins will be divided into 5 phases. At the end of the first four, 125 participants with the highest position will receive cash payouts. The next 375 users will be awarded with 30 frispins each. Another 500 participants will receive 20 free spins. In the final fifth phase, the top 500 players will each receive 30 spins and the bottom 500 will receive 20 spins. Details can be found on the online casino website.

Money will be awarded within 48 hours of the end of the race. Freespins must be wagered with a wager of x35. Winners are those who accumulate the most RP points during the entire competition.

To participate in the promo, you can use any slot machines of the site, such as: Shield of Glory, Candy Boom, Big Juan, Mine Mine Quest, Book of Toro, Aloha Tiki Bar, 1 Reel Monkey and others.

Each visitor of Play Fortuna online casino is familiarized with the rules of the user agreement during registration. These requirements also apply to all participants in the race. Any type of fraud, including multi-accounting, is forbidden.

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