Unity Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

Unity Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

From November 4 to November 11, the Unity race is being held at Pokerdom for machine lovers. In the tournament a prize fund of 500 000 RUB is being played. The number of winning places is 25. Minimum bet for the participants is 20 rubles per spin. All casino users are allowed to register in this tournament. They need to make bets in the “Slots” section. Entry fee is not required. Results will be announced on November 11, within 24 hours after the end of the tournament.

Participants must earn the most tournament points to win. Points are awarded for prize round multipliers. The more substantial is the difference between the wager and the winnings, the more points the participant will get. For example, the user spent 200 RUB, he was credited 5 000. We divide 5 000 by 200 and get 25. That is how many points will be added to the tournament table.

During the competition each player has three boosters available. You can get them a limited number of times:

  • By winning three times in a row.
  • By collecting a multiplier of x75.
  • For a winning streak of 5 losses.
  • The 25 participants who complete the competition with the best results become the winners and share the prize pool of 500,000 rubles:

    PlacePrize (RUB, the volatility)
    1150 000
    2100 000 (х10)
    360 000 (х15)
    440 000 (х20)
    530 000 (х25)
    6-720 000 (х30)
    8-1010 000 (х35)
    11-155 000 (х40)
    16-252 500 (х45)

    The competition takes into account bets made on the following slot machines: African Drum, Geisha’s Dream, Sushi Oishi, Mongol Treasures and others.

    Prize money is paid automatically immediately after the leaderboard is closed. The money is transferred to the main balance within 24 hours. The user, who took the first place, does not wager prizes. Others fulfill the conditions of the wager specified in the table. Only bets from the real account go into the competition. Spins on bonus currency will not be counted.

    All standard Pokerdom rules apply to this tournament. The provisions of the bonus policy also remain unchanged. By participating in the race, the client automatically agrees to the requirements put forward. For any fraudulent actions, the player will be disqualified from receiving the cash prize.

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