Trump Pairs Tournament at PokerMatch Casino

Trump Pairs Tournament at PokerMatch Casino

On January 29 at 01:00 MSK, the PokerMatch online casino kicked off the “Trump Pairs” promotion for all Texas Hold’em fans. The contest will run until February 15, 01:00 (MSC). Participation is available to all players of PokerMatch casino, registered in the poker client. There are no qualifications. There is no entry fee. Playing limits – from 1/2 hryvnia and up. The number of winners is unlimited.

Tournament is divided into several steps, each of them takes place every day from 01:00 till 00:59 MSK. To become a participant, the user needs to play at any of the boost and cash tables of Texas Hold’em on limits from 1/2 UAH. The main task is to collect a hand a certain combination of cards. Combinations change within each scoring day.

Date Combination required
January 29KK
January 3077
January 31AA
February 133
February 299
February 3TT
February 422
February 5QQ
February 688
February 744
February 8JJ
February 955
February 10AA
February 1166
12 февраля33
13 февраля77
14 февраляKK

After collecting the necessary combination of pocket cards, the player is guaranteed a prize, the size of which depends on the strength of each particular combination – Pair, Two Pairs, Set, Full House or Kare. With Pair of the Day, the participant must reach at least the flop. It is not necessary to reveal cards. If the combination strengthens to a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, or Royal Flush during the game, the promotion condition will be considered unfulfilled. The minimum payout in case of a win is UAH 1, the maximum is 100,000. The table below shows the probability of winning a prize for a combination.

Prize/комбинацияПараДве парыСетФулл-хаусКаре
1 UAH43,98%10,97%5,99%1,94%0,00%
5 UAH40%34%10%5%0,00%
10 UAH10%45%34%10%0,01%
20 UAH5%7%45%47,50%0,87%
100 UAH1%3%5%35%59%
1000 UAH0,01%0,02%0,10%0,50%40%
10 000 UAH0,00%0,00%0,01%0,05%0,10%
100 000 UAH0,00%0,00%0,00%0,00%0,01%

For example, on February 8, a participant gathered a Set combination with Pair JJ and reached the flop with it. According to the table, with the highest probability (45%) the user will win 20 hryvnias. Upon completion of the deal, the reward will be available for activation within 48 hours in the “Bonuses” section of myAlpari.

The actual pair to be collected is always displayed in the description of the active leaderboard in the casino poker client. For the duration of the promotion, all the standard rules of the site remain relevant. The organizer has the right to make changes to the current conditions at any time.

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