Tournament Snowfall prizes at Bui casino

Tournament Snowfall prizes at Bui casino

On January 10, the Bui site launched a unique “Snowfall of Prizes” tournament. Between now and Jan. 31, 2022, slot machine enthusiasts will compete for the $7,000 prize by completing special tasks. Only 20 participants will take home prizes. The competition is available to all visitors to the casino. The minimum bet – 0.2 USD.

The mechanics of gaining the maximum number of points works by a special formula. Players must perform the tasks of the operator. For each quest, 1 point is awarded. The first one to collect 20 points gets a prize.

For example, user #1 completes 20 quests and collects $1,000 for first place. His opponent next completed 20 quests, but will receive only 700 USD as a reward. The exact amounts are specified in the leaderboard.

Prize money of 7000 USD is for 20 winners. You can see the results of the tournament table on the website under the description of the battle. There you can see the number of places that haven’t been drawn yet.


Money is deposited into myAlpari. This is bonus money, which means it must be wagered with the wager x10. After meeting this requirement, the money can be withdrawn to bank cards and e-wallets. The main thing is to pass the verification and get the approval of the payment request.

Video tournament slots are used to complete tasks and gain points, namely Burning Bells 20, Gold Volcano, Ice, Ice, Yeti, Dance Party, 3 Clown Monty, Polar Paws, Sylvan Spirits and Jolly Roger II.

The administration has published the rules of the race on the Buoy Casino website. Participants are obliged to read them and flawlessly comply with the operator’s requirements. Violation of the terms of the user agreement will be punished by blocking the account without refund.

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