Tournament New Year’s fairy tale at Bui casino

Tournament New Year’s fairy tale at Bui casino

On December 27, the Bui Casino website launched the “New Year’s Tale” raffle, which will appeal to fans of video slots with quests. Claimed 8,000 USD in prize money, the award will be taken by 30 participants. Anyone who has registered on the site is allowed to compete. Minimum bet is $0.2.

Winners will be chosen based on the results of the standings. In it the data on the set of the maximum number of points is entered. For this purpose, participants need to do quests from the online casino. Every day there is an opportunity to pass the task from the administration, for which they write down points.

For example, one of the first quests will be to verify the account. For passing not only will give tournament points, but also allow future withdrawals to bank cards and e-wallets. You can see the list of tasks in myAlpari.

The distribution of the prize money 8000 USD will be as follows:

PlacePrize (USD)

Winning money will be awarded within three days of the end of the contest. This is not a bonus, which means there is no need to wager it. During the tournament, the participant will complete all necessary tasks that will allow withdrawal of the money to the card.

Only tournament slots, such as Dr. Toonz, Spinions, Santas Fortune, Legend Of The Ice Dragon, Big Bad Wolf, Christmas Kingdom and others should be used during the contest. For them, there will also be 30 tasks from the online casino Bui.

The rules of the user agreement are provided to visitors of the site during registration. The requirements apply to both guests and tournament participants. It is strictly forbidden to activate several accounts. Such actions are regarded by the operator as fraudulent, which means that restrictions will be imposed on the account.

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