Tournament Gift Salute at SuperCat Casino

Tournament Gift Salute at SuperCat Casino

On April 15 at 00:00 MSK, the SuperCat online casino will kick off a “Salute to Gifts” raffle for machine lovers. In the tournament the following prizes will be raffled off: Apple AirPods headphones, a music center, an action camera, whiskey, and a 10 EUR no deposit bonus. The total value of the prizes is estimated at 1300 euros. Entry fee is not required. The number of prize places is 56. The minimum deposit to qualify is EUR 80. The results will be announced on April 19th after 00:00 Moscow time.

In order to register for the lottery, users must log in to their account on the casino website, go to “Cashier” and deposit the minimum amount of EUR 80 by any means available. All participants in the lottery, regardless of the results, are guaranteed to receive 1 point towards their total score in the Leaderboard promotion.

At the end of the period, the winners will be chosen at random from among those who have fulfilled the condition of the draw. The prizes and their number are shown in the following table:

Apple AirPods headphones1
music center5
No Deposit Bonus 10 EUR25

All entrants must contact the casino manager at the end of the lottery to confirm the results. At the operator’s discretion, prizes may be substituted for other prizes with an appropriate face value. Also, all winners will receive 10 to 2 ranking points for general credit in the Leaderboard promotion.

These terms and conditions of the contest are subject to change or amendment at any time at the discretion of the operator. By participating in the lottery, the player automatically agrees to all casino rules. Should they be violated, such user will be disqualified from the prize draw.

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