Tournament Fitness Weekend at Pin Up Casino

Tournament Fitness Weekend at Pin Up Casino

On September, 10 at 13:00 the “Fitness Weekend” tournament for fans of sports betting started at Pin Up. The total prize fund of the tournament is 210 000 rubles. Participation is for all registered users, making single and express bets on any kind of sport. No qualifications required. Entry fee is not required. The minimum bet going into the race offset is 50 rubles. The number of prizes in the standings is 100. The competition will finish on September 13 after 00:00 MSK.

Before the start of the race the client needs to register by clicking on the button “Participate” on the tournament page. The winners are determined according to the maximum quantity of points scored for single and express bets on any sports. The number of points credited depends on the amount of winnings in EUR.

Suppose, for instance, that during a period the user has made express bets of 100 EUR. His winning was 1,400 EUR. That means, this person will be credited with the following amount of points: (1,400 – 100) * 10 = 130,000. The top 100 participants who collect the maximum amount of points become winners and share the prize pool of 210,000 rubles:

112,000 RUB
28,000 RUB
3-45,500 RUB
5-64,000 RUB
7-83,600 RUB
9-113,000 RUB
12-181,000 RUB
19-30700 RUB
31Bonus 7 000 RUB
32-35Bonus 5,500 RUB
36-38Bonus 4,000 RUB
39-40Bonus 3,600 RUB
41-42Bonus 3 150 RUB
43-49Bonus 1 000 RUB
50-55Bonus 700 RUB
56-65Bonus 400 RUB
667,000 RUB
67-70RUB 5,500 Freebie
71-734,000 RUB
74-453,600 RUB
76-77Freebet 3 150 RUB
78-841,000 RUB
85-90700 RUB freebet
91-100400 RUB

Rewards for winning the tournament are paid automatically as soon as the results are summed up. If two or more participants receive the same amount of points at the end of a period, the user who earned points earlier will be placed higher in the leaderboard. Accrued bonuses must be wagered within 5 days with a Wager of x5.

The administration of Pin Up Casino has the right to change the current conditions of the competition at any time. By clicking on the “Participate” button on the page of the race, the user automatically agrees with all the rules. The provisions of the Pin Up operator’s bonus policy also remain valid.

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