Tournament Along the Oceans at Flint Casino

Tournament Along the Oceans at Flint Casino

“Across the Oceans” is a tournament held every 5 days at Flint Online Casino. The competition starts at 22:00 Moscow time and ends the same time the next day. The tournament is aimed at players who prefer the theme of the ocean and sea adventures in gambling. This theme was the main selection of slot machines for the contest. Players can choose from 15 slots, including Dolphins Pearl, Island and Banana Splash.

To participate requires paying an entry fee of 3 CP. This is waived for Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP players. All games are played on tournament coins. After registration in the tournament each participant receives 30 tur. There is an option to buy 30 tur for 3 comps. But each further purchase increases the value of coins by 10%.

The winner is the participant with the maximum sum of all winnings. The result can be tracked in the tournament table on the page of the competition. The chat shows all the winnings of the participants in real time.

The initial prize pool is 500 CP, as the participants buy tournament coins and pay admission fees, the amount of prize increases. Players, who took the first 5 lines in the leaderboard, share the whole prize pool between themselves. Gambler, who took first place, gets 30% of the total fund. The second place gets 25%, the third place gets 20%, the fourth and fifth place get 15% and 10% respectively.

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