Tinsel Tournament Raffle at Leonbets Casino

Tinsel Tournament Raffle at Leonbets Casino

From December 28 02:01 (MSC) to December 29 01:59 (MSC) all registered Leonbets casino users can participate in the €5,000 draw from Yggdrasil Gaming. In order to qualify for the competition, you must place 651 to 1151 in the Tinsel tournament. No additional contributions are required. The number of winners is 185.

Players must be listed in the Tinsel promotion standings to qualify for the extra draw. Users ranked 651 through 1151 are automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Each participant has 24 hours from the end of the tournament to claim their winnings.

After 48 hours from the end of the draw, all remaining prizes will be distributed automatically to those who did not activate their prize when the chest was opened. The prize pool of the promotion has the following structure:

  • 5 prizes of 200 euros each.
  • 10 prizes of 100 euros.
  • 20 prizes of 50 euros.
  • 50 prizes of 20 euros.
  • 100 prizes of 10 euros.
  • All winnings will be credited no later than three business days from the end of the lottery. There is no wagering fee. For the balance of the game account to be updated, it is necessary to open one of the promo games after the end of the tournament. If a player’s account is denominated in a currency other than Euros, the prize amount will be recalculated at the Leonbets Casino exchange rate.

    The current rules of the tournament can be changed at any time by the organizer or directly by a Leonbets Casino representative. If any disputes arise regarding the results of the drawing, the final decision is up to the management of Leon. For committing fraudulent actions the user will be immediately suspended from participation in the promotion without the right to receive a prize.

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