The Week of Luck Tournament at Jvspin Casino

The Week of Luck Tournament at Jvspin Casino

From November 12 03:01 (MSC) to November 29 02:59 (MSC) in online casino Jvspin held a competition “Week of Luck” among fans of slot machines. The total prize fund of the tournament – 5 000 euros. The number of winners – 20. No qualifications required. There is no entry fee. There are no restrictions on the maximum and minimum bet amount. Any client of Jvspin Casino, registered on the official site can become a participant.

To win in the competition players need to make bets in tournament slots. For every 5 EUR of bets placed, a participant will receive 1 ticket. The more of these the player receives by the end of the competition, the higher his/her chances of making the prize list.

At the end of the competition, the winners will be chosen by the casino administration at random among all the holders of the tournament tickets. The scheme for distributing the prize money is as follows:

1,500 EUR
500 EUR
400 EUR
300 EUR
300 EUR
200 EUR
100 EUR

Prizes will be awarded within 3 business days after the results are announced. Tournament winnings are not a bonus and can be withdrawn as soon as they are received. If any fraudulent activity is found on a player, the casino administration reserves the right to nullify tournament results for such user.

The competition takes into account bets on the following video slots: Book of Rebirth Reloaded, Book of Demi Gods 2, Demi Gods 4, Demi Gods 3 15 Lines, Egyptian Rebirth 2, 4 Horsemen 2.

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