The Way of Champions Tournament at Slots City Casino

The Way of Champions Tournament at Slots City Casino

From November 21 to December 6 Slots City online casino is holding a “Way of Champions” contest for video slots lovers. A big prize fund of 100 000 UAH is announced. The number of winners is limited to 10. Anyone who registered and made a deposit can take part. Minimum bet amount is ₴1.


The lucky winners will be determined by the maximum number of points. Leaderboard is filled according to the formula 1 UAH = 1 point. Only bets made with real money are allowed. Bonuses and gifts can not be used. Who gets the most points, that’s who gets the prize.

For example, by betting ₴5000, contestant #1 earned 5000 points. However, his opponent spent ₴10,000, which means the latter has more points, and his position in the standings is higher.

The competition prize fund of 100,000 UAH will be divided among 10 people. One participant can not take two prize places at once. Winning will take place on December 6, after 19:00 (Moscow time):

position award
1₴35 000
2₴25 000
3₴15 000

Money is transferred to the user’s main balance within one hour after the end of the tournament. Winning is considered a bonus, so there is a requirement to unscrew it with a wager of x35. If two participants share the same number of points, the first one to accumulate this amount will have the advantage.

To earn points, you must use the following slot machines: Box of Ra, Lady Luck, Book of Sphinx, Hot Seven, Computer World, Mariner, Nautilus, Hit Jewels and others.

During the competition, all participants are subject to the standard rules of Slots City online casino. Users have the right to familiarize themselves with them at the stage of account registration. Only verified visitors who have won a reward will be able to withdraw money to bank cards and e-wallets.

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