The Royal Series at Guts Casino

The Royal Series at Guts Casino

From October 16 07:00 (MSC) to November 2 07:00 (MSC), The Royal Series tournaments are taking place at Guts Online Casino. A total of 300,000 euros will be drawn. All users over 18 years old are allowed to participate. The Royal Series tournaments are held in the network of online casinos Guts and iPoker. Only real-money cash tables are counted.

The series consists of 80 tournaments. The prize pool for each tournament ranges from EUR 200 to 8,000 with buy-ins from EUR 0.5 to 100. In the final battle 50,000 EUR will be drawn. You can qualify for the tournaments in numerous satellites, which take place around the clock.

Competitions come in the following types:

Название турнира
Prizeовой фонд
Royal Micro #1-20
200 EUR – 1,000 EUR
0.5 – 1 EUR
Royal Low #1-20
1,500 EUR – 5,000 EUR
5 EUR – 10 EUR
Royal Medium 1-20
2,000 EUR – 8,000 EUR
10 EUR – 20 EUR
Royal High No. 1-20
3,000 EUR – 10,000 EUR
50 EUR – 100 EUR

Any entry tickets won in satellites during the event can be applied exclusively to the Royal Series tournaments. Once the promotion ends, they will again be tied to all other tournaments.

If a particular tournament is cancelled, the casino administration will fully reimburse players for any costs incurred in paying the entry fee. In case of violation of the current rules of participation in tournaments, the player will be suspended from participation without the right to restore.

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