SuperCat Casino Gift Time Tournament 2

SuperCat Casino Gift Time Tournament 2

On May 27 at 00:00 Moscow time SuperCat Casino started the lottery “Time of Gifts 2”. The competition will draw real prizes totaling more than 2,500 euros. The number of winning places – 56. Any client of SuperCat casino can join the race regardless of loyalty level. Registration in the tournament is free. No additional fees for participation are not required. Results will be announced on May 31 after 00:00 Moscow time.

In order to be eligible to win a prize, a user must make a deposit of at least €80 during the qualifying period. The client receives 1 lottery ticket for each deposit. The more of these tickets are received by the contestant at the time of the draw, the higher your chances of winning a prize.

At the end of the competition, the casino administration will randomly determine the winners, who will become the owners of the following awards:

PrizeNumber of winners
Samsung Smartwatch + 10 points for Leaderboard1
JBL soundbar + 8 points for Leaderboard5
Xiaomi wireless headphones + 10 points for Leaderboard10
Whiskey Darrow + 5 points for Leaderboard15
Bonus 10 EUR + 3 points for Leaderboard25

Also all raffle winners will receive 10 to 3 points for the Leaderboard promotion. At the end of the contest, SuperCat Casino representatives will contact the winners for details on gift delivery.

All standard operator rules apply to this tournament. The provisions of the casino’s bonus policy also remain valid. Any action contrary to the User Agreement will result in disqualification of such player from the tournament.

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