Star Wars Tournament at Pin Up Casino

Star Wars Tournament at Pin Up Casino

On April 12 at 17:00 MSK the “Star Wars” tournament for sports betting enthusiasts started at Pin Up. The guaranteed prize fund of the competition is 3,000 euros. The tournament has 150 prize places. All the registered clients of the site, betting on sporting events are allowed to participate. There is no qualification in the race. Entry fee is also not required. The minimum bet is from 10 EUR. The results will be announced on April 19 after 00:00 Moscow time.

To win the competition, players must bet on sports events and earn points. Users accumulate their points throughout the tournament. The number of points awarded depends on the betting amount. The higher it is, the higher is the player’s position in the leaderboard.

Only bets of express type from “Football”, “Basketball”, “Hockey” and “Tennis” sections count for the tournament. Freebets do not affect the accumulation of points. When totals are summed up, the entire amount is converted into Euros and multiplied by 10.

For example, a player bet an express for 2000 rubles. It means, the participant will get the following points: 21,77 EUR (2000 RUB) * 10 = 217,7 150 players who completed the tournament with the best rating indices get to the prize area of the tournament and share 3000 EUR between them:

1200 EUR
2150 EUR
3100 EUR
460 EUR
560 EUR
6-1540 EUR
16-1925 EUR
20-3420 EUR
35-5415 EUR
55-7410 EUR
75-1005 EUR
101100 EUR
10260 EUR
10340 EUR
104-10530 EUR
106-10825 EUR
109-11315 EUR
114-11910 EUR
120-1255 EUR
126100 EUR
12760 EUR
12840 EUR
129-13030 EUR
131-13325 EUR
134-13815 EUR
139-14410 EUR
145-1505 EUR

The first 100 users will receive prizes in real cash, with no wagering requirements. The next 25 participants will receive freebies of a specified amount. The last 25 players will receive prizes in their bonus accounts. Only real money bets are included in the promotion.

More detailed contest rules can be found on the event page on the casino website. All the standard rules of the Pin Up site remain in force. Any fraudulent actions on the part of the player will result in full disqualification and account blocking.


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