Spring break tournament at Play Fortuna Casino

Spring break tournament at Play Fortuna Casino

Spring Break is a big tournament from PlayFortuna Casino, dedicated to the beginning of spring. Any player can take part in the competition by clicking the “Participate” button on the tournament page.

The race is held in three stages:

  • first – from 23.03 to 27.03;
  • (5) the second stage is from March 24th to April 1st ;

  • the second stage is from March 24th to April 1st ;
  • the third – from 02.04 to 06.04.
  • bets from 0,4 euros will be taken into the competition. For each stage of the tournament certain slot machines are selected. For complete list please refer to each stage page.

    Points are awarded on all winnings with a multiplier starting from x20. For each unit of multiplier the player receives one point. If the wager is higher than a certain level, participants receive points at an increased multiplier:

    Amount of bet, eurosIncreasing multiplier
    0,4 – 1,491
    1,5 – 2,991,25
    3 – 6,491,5
    6,5 – 12,991,75
    from 132

    For each of the stages of the competition, the casino has allocated a number of games with an additional multiplier of x4. In this case, the coefficient for the size of the bet is multiplied by the multiplier for the game in the bonus slot. For example, in the first stage the player put €10 in the Rio Stars machine and his winnings were x75. Points will be calculated as follows: 75 (winnings multiplier) * 1,75 (multiplier for the bet amount) * 4 (multiplier for the bonus slot). Thus, 525 points will go into the standings table.

    At the end of each stage there is a preliminary total. The 250 participants who have accumulated the maximum number of points receive Race Point – race points. For the first and second stage you can get a maximum of 500 RP, for winning the third stage – 1000 RP.

    After the completion of the last stage all RPs are summed up and entered into the final tournament table. The contestant with the highest number of RPs is the winner of the race.

    In the competition 35 000 euros are drawn. The prize fund will be shared by 250 participants – leaders of the tournament table.

    place prize in euros
    12 000
    2 – 251 500 – 200
    26 – 100190 – 120
    101 – 200115 – 45
    201 – 25040 – 20

    All prizes will be credited to the winners’ accounts within 48 hours of the end of the tournament in real money.

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