Space Celebration Tournament at Slot V Casino

Space Celebration Tournament at Slot V Casino

On April 23 at 03:00 Moscow time Slot V online casino started the tournament “Space Celebration” in honor of the four-year anniversary of the site. The total prize fund of the race is 5000 euros in real money. Participation is available to all users registered on the casino website. The number of winners – 50. There is no entry fee. The minimum bet is 0.20 EUR. The maximum limits are not set. Results will be announced on May 1 at 02:59 Moscow time


During the week, players compete against each other, accumulating points for bets. The minimum number of rounds needed to qualify for the tournament is 1000. Points are awarded only for winning bets. The number of points depends on the caught odds of winning. The detailed scoring system is shown in the following table:

Winning multiplierNumber of points
From x0 to x2
From x2 to x2.91
From x3 to x5.95
From x6 to x8.920
From x9 to x11.950
From x12 to x17.9100
From x18 to x35.9200
From x36 and over500

Suppose a participant during the tournament made two bets of 5 and 15 EUR. The winnings were 105 and 210 EUR respectively. The odds in this case are 21 and 14. According to the conditions, the participant will get the following points: 200 + 100 = 300. At the end of the tournament the 50 best players with the highest points become the winners and share the prize pool of 5000 Euros:

place award
11000 EUR
2750 EUR
3500 EUR
4400 EUR
5300 EUR
6200 EUR
7100 EUR
895 EUR
990 EUR
1085 EUR
1180 EUR
1277 EUR
1375 EUR
1473 EUR
1570 EUR
1667 EUR
1765 EUR
1863 EUR
1960 EUR
2057 EUR
2155 EUR
2253 EUR
2350 EUR
2447 EUR
2545 EUR
2643 EUR
2740 EUR
2837 EUR
2935 EUR
3033 EUR
3130 EUR
3227 EUR
3325 EUR
3423 EUR
35-4020 EUR
41-4615 EUR
47-5010 EUR

If at the end of the week several contestants finish the tournament with the same points, the first player to score will be the winner. At the end of the tournament, all prize money will be paid instantly. Tournament winnings will be credited to the main account and do not require scrolling.

Only real money wagers on the following slots count towards the race:

  • Valley of the Gods.
  • 9k Yeti.
  • Cazino Zeppelin.
  • Big Blox.
  • Easter Island.
  • Gem Rocks.
  • Lilith’s Inferno.
  • Nirvana.
  • Pumpkin Smash.
  • Rainbow Ryan.
  • Reptoids.
  • Seasons.
  • Super Heroes.
  • Winter Berries.
  • Orient Express.
  • Age of Asgard.
  • Vikings Go Wild.
  • Cyrus the Virus.
  • Sahara Nights.
  • The Company has the right to change the current race conditions at any time. All standard Slot V casino rules remain in force. For any gross violations of the User Agreement, the player will be removed from the tournament with forfeiture of prize money in case of victory.

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