Snowmania Tournament at Jozz Casino

Snowmania Tournament at Jozz Casino

On January 22 at 15:00 MSK at online casino Jozz will start a week-long raffle “Snowmania” for all fans of slot machines. You can participate until January 27 inclusive. Results will be announced the next day at 15:00 Moscow time. The total prize fund of the action – 10,000 euros. All customers are allowed to participate Jozz casino, with a verified account on the site. Qualification and entry fee is not required. Number of prizes – 50. Minimum deposit – 20 USD or the equivalent at the internal rate of exchange casino Jozz.


The competition is held in a quest format, in which users must advance through the playing field and earn points. For every 20 euros of deposit, the participant will receive 1 special ticket, which, when activated, scrolls the wheel of rewards. The user can advance 1-5 cells per turn.

There are 4 types of cells on which a game chip can go.

  • The “X Score” cell.When a player hits this cell, he receives from 5 to 150 points, multiplied by the betting odds. The participant has two options to choose from: to take the points and return to the beginning of the map, or to spin the “wheel of rewards” again and continue on the field.
  • The “Failure” box. Once on this cell, the participant loses all the progress accumulated at this stage and returns to the beginning of the playing field. Points obtained in previous rounds are retained.
  • The “Pause” cell. The position on the map remains unchanged, no points are awarded.
  • The “Golden Cell” cell. When hit, the player is randomly guaranteed one of the bonuses: free spins, lottery tickets, money. Each such cell is a prize.
  • Also within the tournament there is a Supergame, for winning which the user is guaranteed to receive 150, 200, 400, 800 or 1500 points. Depending on the betting odds, the number of points awarded increases in direct proportion. You can get into the Supergame after you have passed the entire field (reaching the 40th square on the map). You can also buy participation in it for 200 lottery tickets.

    Only deposits divisible by 20 count towards the latter. This means that if you deposit $132 into your game account, you will receive 6 “reward wheel” spins. The remaining $12 deposit is burned out.

    At the end of the competition, the top 50 players with the most points advance to the tournament prize pool and share €10,000. The distribution is shown in the table below.

    13000 EUR
    22,000 EUR
    31000 EUR
    4750 EUR
    5500 EUR
    6-10200 EUR
    11-15100 EUR
    16-2075 EUR
    21-2550 EUR
    26-3040 EUR
    31-3530 EUR
    36-4025 EUR
    41-4520 EUR
    46-5010 EUR

    The final results of the competition will be announced on December 28th at 15:00 MSC. All prizes will be awarded automatically with no wagering requirements.

    All standard rules of online casinos Jozz apply to the tournament. The organizer reserves the right to change the current conditions of the competition at any time. Also, the administration of the casino may suspend the action, cancelling the tickets of all participants without explanation.

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