Snow Thunder Tournament at 1xBet Casino

Snow Thunder Tournament at 1xBet Casino

1xBet is staging a Snow Thunder tournament, which will take place from 02/21, 03:01 (MSC), to 02/28/02, 02:59 (MSC). There will be a prize fund of EUR 10,000. Everybody can take part. Only 15 users will win. There is no minimum betting requirement to qualify.

The top 15 players of the tournament will be determined by the leaderboard. It is entered after the maximum possible number of points has been accumulated. Points are accumulated according to the formula: 1 EUR = 1 PTS. Only bets made for money will be taken into consideration. The position in the league table shows the value of the winner’s reward.

For example, having spent EUR 100 on spins, player will get 100 points on leaderboard. It does not matter if the bet is winning or not.

The prize pool of EUR 10,000 is intended for 15 users. Participants will fight and monitor their progress with a constantly updated leaderboard.

PlacePrize (EUR)

The cash prize will be paid within three days of the end of the contest. It does not need to be wagged with a wager. Withdrawal will be available after verification of the account. Two players can not occupy the same position. In this case, the place belongs to the participant who first collected the contested number of points.

Points can be accumulated using only tournament video slots, viz: Spirited Wonders, Wild Bandito, Crypto Gold, Lucky Neko. All of them are available to play in the demo version, which is a free mode that is activated without registration.

All visitors to 1xBet casino read the rules of the site during the creation of an account. The requirements of the operator are mandatory. Otherwise, a restriction will be imposed on the Personal Area. This will deprive you of the ability to withdraw money and participate in tournaments.

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