Snow Rake Race Chinese Poker Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

Snow Rake Race Chinese Poker Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

On December 25th the “Snow Rake Race in Chinese Poker” competition started at the online casino Pokerdom. The results will be announced on January 3. According to the results of the tournament will be raffled 400,000 rubles. At each stage the prize fund ranges from 75,000 to 200,000 depending on the kush.

Stage Jackpot Prize money
1From 100 RUB and over200,000 rubles
2From 15 to 75 RUB125,000 rubles
3Up to 10 RUB75,000 rubles

All customers of Pokerdom Casino who have a confirmed account in the site’s poker client are allowed to participate. All stages take place at the same time. A player can qualify for several prizes in different stages. There are no qualifications. No additional fees are required. There will be 25 winners in each round.

The tournament system is ranking points. Each ruble of rake equals one point. According to the results of the period 25 players with the most points in each stage get to the prize zone and become winners of the competition.

place stage number
164,000 RUB40,000 RUB24,000 RUB
240,000 RUB25,000 RUB15,000 RUB
328,000 RUB17,500 RUB10,500 RUB
420,000 RUB12,500 RUB7,500 RUB
512,000 RUB7500 RUB4500 RUB
68000 RUB5000 RUB3000 RUB
76000 RUB3750 RUB2250 RUB
84000 RUB2500 RUB1500 RUB
9-102000 RUB1250 RUB750 RUB
11-151200 RUB750 RUB450 RUB
16-25800 RUB500 RUB300 RUB

All types of cash tables take part in this promotion (currency – RUB). Money will be credited to winners’ accounts immediately after the leaderboard closes. Wagering Wager – x0. You can find the leaderboard table on the event page in the poker client of the site.

The tournament terms and conditions can be changed or amended by the organizer at any time. If a player participates in the tournament, he automatically agrees to all standard rules of the poker room.

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