Slot of the week tournament at Malina Casino

Slot of the week tournament at Malina Casino

Every week at Malina online casino there is a Slot of the Week tournament. The competition starts every Monday and ends on Sunday. Each week a new slot machine is chosen, in which players have to bet. The tournament prize pool is 110,000 Loyalty Points (L.P.).

To participate in the competition, players need to deposit EUR 20 and make bets of the same amount on the selected video slot. Spins at stakes from 0.3 euros and higher count towards the competition. A minimum of 30 players must participate in the tournament to be eligible for prizes.

Maximum wagers must be placed on the video slot tournament to win. The tournament prize pool is divided among the ten highest scoring entrants.

Total place
Number of L.P.
20 000
18 000
16 000
11 000
10 000
9 000
8 000
7 000
6 000
5 000

Prizes will be credited to winners’ accounts within 24 hours of announcing the results. If a prizewinner has bonuses outstanding, the winnings will be frozen until the bonus has been won.

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