Shaolin Warriors tournament at Pokerdom Casino

Shaolin Warriors tournament at Pokerdom Casino

On June 14 at 17:30 Moscow time at Pokerdom the series of Shaolin Warriors tournaments for fans of Chinese poker started. The guaranteed prize fund of the competition is 2 500 000 rubles. Entry fee starts from 250 RUB. No qualification is required. Any user, registered in the poker client of the casino can take part. The last tournament will take place on June 20 at 22:00 MSK. A more detailed schedule of the series can be found in the following table:

DateName of tournamentGuaranteed prize pool
06 14.14, 17:30 PMShaolin Opening Tournament200,000 RUB
14.06, 19:00Progressive Knockout75,000 RUB
14.06, 20:30Pineapple Phoenix90,000 RUB
14.06, 22:00Knockout Turbo30,000 RUB
15.06, 17:30Deepstack50,000 RUB
15.06, 19:00Chinese Duel70,000 RUB
15.06, 20:30Progressive Superstack85,000 RUB
15.06, 22:00No Face Rebuy25,000 RUB
16.06, 17:30Super Knockout40,000 RUB
16.06, 19:00Triple Chance70,000 RUB
16.06, 20:30Progressive Megastack90,000 RUB
16.06, 22:00 PMTurbo Deepstack25,000 RUB
06/17/17:30 PMDeepstack [No Fantasy]25,000 RUB
17.06, 19:00Chinese Knockout70,000 RUB
17.06, 20:30Pineapple Progressive Phoenix90,000 RUB
17.06, 22:00Turbo Rebuy25,000 RUB
06/18, 5pmSouthern Shaolin25,000 RUB
06/18, 6:30pmAnonymous Deepstack50,000 RUB
18.06, 20:00Phoenix Megastack100,000 RUB
06/18, 21:00 PMChinese Duel70,000 RUB
06/18, 22:00 PMSuper Knockout40,000 RUB
June 19, 17:00Rebuy35,000 RUB
19.06, 18:30Progressive Knockout75,000 RUB
19.06, 20:00Progressive High Roller250,000 RUB
19.06, 21:00Double Chance60,000 RUB
19.06, 22:00Phoenix Anonymous40,000 RUB
20.06, 17:00Superstack50,000 RUB
06/20/06, 6:00 PMShaolin Warriors Main Event500,000 RUB
06/20/19:00 PMPhoenix Megastack100,000 RUB
20.06, 20:30Progressive Knockout75,000 RUB
06/20/06, 22:00 PMLast Warrior35,000 RUB

Players can take part in qualifying satellites to the series events for free. Registration is automatic and cannot be cancelled. Winners of Shaolin Opening Tournament, Progressive High Roller and Shaolin Warriors Main Event will receive personalized cups delivered to the address indicated.

At the conclusion of the event, all prize payouts are automatic. The tournament payout is credited to the main account and has no wagering requirements. This competition is for cash game types only.

The terms and conditions of the Shaolin Wars Poker Series are subject to change or amendment by the organizer at any time. By participating in the contest, the user automatically agrees to all requirements. The standard rules and regulations of the bonus policy of Pokerdom Casino remain valid.

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