Sea Adventures Tournament at Joycasino

Sea Adventures Tournament at Joycasino

The weekly Sea Adventures tournament takes place at Joycasino Casino from Sunday to Monday. The competition is designed for fans of games about pirate adventures and search for sunken treasure, as well as for fans of slot machines devoted to the water element. In the competition declared more than 35 slots, including Wild Ocean, Dolphin’s Island, Great Blue.

To take part, you must wager at least $0.5 on any of the tournament slot machines. The player with the most points is the winner. Points will be awarded for winning combinations, series without losses, and using the “Booster” option.

Number of points for payout ratio in the slot:

Winning odds
Number of points
100 and over

Points are awarded for winning series according to the following formula:

  • for two consecutive rounds – 2 points;
  • for three – 5 points;
  • for four – 10 points;
  • for five – 25 points;
  • for six or more – 50 points.
  • “Booster” is an additional option, it is activated automatically when the stake is higher than the minimum allowed. The amount of extra points depends on the stake value. The “Booster” becomes active if the participant who is one position higher in the leaderboard is inactive, i.e. does not start slots from the list of tournament slots within 15 minutes.

    There is a progressive prize pool in the tournament. The first place prize is 40% of the total amount, the second place prize is 18%, and the third place prize is 11%. The rest of the money is divided among 7 other players. The winnings are credited to the account in the form of a cash bonus. To cash it out it must be won back 3 times.

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