Sakura Luck Tournament at Hotline Casino

Sakura Luck Tournament at Hotline Casino

On March 15 at 12:00 p.m. MSK, Hotline Casino kicked off the Sakura Luck tournament for slot machine enthusiasts. The total prize pool competition – $ 10,000 in bonus money. All registered users of the site who have made a deposit at least once during the month are allowed to participate. There is no qualification. Entry fee is not required. The number of prizes – 50. Minimum deposit 1000 RUB / 20 USD / 20 EUR / 60 PLN. Results will be announced on April 15 after 12:00 Moscow time.

The contest is held in a lottery format. All clients are registered automatically. For each one-time deposit of 1000 rubles and more, the user receives one lottery ticket. A participant may receive an unlimited number of tickets during the tournament.

At the end of the competition the administration of the casino will hold a drawing, according to the results of which 50 players will receive cash prizes ranging from $1,010 to $20. Winners will be determined using a random number generator. The more tickets a participant collects at the beginning of the drawing, the higher his/her chances of becoming a prizewinner.

11010 USD
2910 USD
3820 USD
4740 USD
5670 USD
6600 USD
7550 USD
8490 USD
9440 USD
10400 USD
11360 USD
12330 USD
13300 USD
14270 USD
15240 USD
16220 USD
17200 USD
18180 USD
19170 USD
20150 USD
21140 USD
22130 USD
23110 USD
24-25100 USD
2690 USD
2780 USD
28-2970 USD
30-3160 USD
32-3450 USD
35-3740 USD
38-4430 USD
45-5020 USD

Upon completion of the draw, all payouts are automatic. The prizes are credited to the bonus account. For withdrawal of funds it is necessary to put the amount of tournament winnings in any slot machines not less than 20 times. The wagering period is 3 days from the moment of crediting.

More detailed conditions of the tournament can be found on the official website of the operator in the “Lotteries” section. By taking part in the promotion, the user automatically agrees with all the rules. The provisions of the casino bonus policy must also be complied with.

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