Ruby Play arena tournament at Casino Champion

Ruby Play arena tournament at Casino Champion

From December 2 to 9, Ruby Play at the Arena online casino Champion is hosting the Ruby Play arena tournament for video slots fans. The total prize pool is 150,000 RUB. Additional reward of 700 promo medals and the main incentive are provided for 20 lucky winners. Anyone may take part. The minimum bet is 45 RUB.

During the contest, there is a mechanic for calculating the maximum number of points. The more spins are made, the higher the amount of points. For 1 winning spin, 1 competition point is awarded. Only money from the main balance may be used. Bonus and freespin funds will not be taken into account.

For example, by taking part in the promotion, a player competes in a tournament from Ruby Play. Using 1 of the 56 slots, he bets from 45 rubles and receives prizes. Points will be accumulated for each spin, which will bring him at least x1 of the spent amount.

The prize pool of 150,000 rubles and 700 medals of the “Arena 2022” promotion will be taken by 20 contestants. The results will be announced after December 9 and the distribution of the prizes will be as follows:

PositionPrize (RUB+medals)
135 000 + 50
225 000 + 50
317 000 + 50
413 000 + 50
510 000 + 50
68000 + 40
77000 + 40
86000 + 40
95000 + 40
104000 + 40
113600 + 30
123200 + 30
132800 + 30
142400 + 30
152000 + 30
161600 + 20
171400 + 20
181200 + 20
191000 + 20
20800 + 20

Prizes are automatically transferred to participants after the completion of the tournament. They must be activated in myAlpari within 48 hours. There are no wagering requirements with a wager.

In order to win tournament points you will need to use any of the 56 machines, including Jackpot Mania, Mayan Quest, Quest of Gods, Stampede Choice, Elephant Stampede and others.

All participants in the competition are subject to the terms and conditions of the user agreement of the online casino Champion. Violations are punishable, depending on the severity of the offense. It is forbidden to create multiple accounts. The administration checks this when calculating the results. Violation of the rules will result in the banning of the account.

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