Royal Cash Tournament at Vbet Casino

Royal Cash Tournament at Vbet Casino

Since March 8, 2021 there is a Royal Cash Tournament for the real poker fans at Vbet. The prize fund of 232 500 UAH is divided every 10 days among 45 lucky players. Anyone can take part. The minimum bet at the table – C 0,01 (C – game currency).

A maximum points scoring mechanic is used to determine winners. Points can be accumulated by playing at cash tables, as well as by collecting rake. The calculation is based on poker room generated commissions using this formula:


Throughout the draw, users will see three leaderboards depending on the type of cash table. Tables are summed every 10 days. Scores are updated 3 times a day.

The prize fund of 232 500 UAH is given to 45 participants, 15 from each leaderboard. The definition of the positions is as follows:

PlaceC 0.25/c 0.5C 0.05/c 0.10;
C 0.10/C 0.25
C 0.01/C 0.02;
C 0.02/C 0.05;
1C 1,050C 650C 250
2S 700S 440S 180
3S 475S 300S 130
4C 350C 200C 100
5S 245S 140S 80
6S 190S 110S 60
7S 150S 90S 50
8S 130S 75S 40
9S 110S 60S 30
10S 90S 55S 20
11-15S 55S 25S 10

Cash prizes will be converted and transferred the day after the completion of the 10-day draw. Only verified customers will have access to withdrawals. The following cash tables are required to participate: Hold’em, 6+ Hold’em, Omaha.

Each competitor confirms that he has read the rules and conditions of Vbet. Collusion or having multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. If the management of Bad Construct finds a violator, the visitor will be blocked for life without warning and deprived of the opportunity to withdraw the rewards received. The draw can be terminated at any time at the request of the online casino administration.

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