Roulette Tournament at Bons Casino

Roulette Tournament at Bons Casino

Weekly on Tuesdays at 03:00 Moscow time the “Roulette Tournament” starts at Bons. During the competition there is a guaranteed prize pool of 100 euros. The fund grows in proportion to the increase in the number of users’ bets. All lovers of roulette games who are registered on the operator’s official website can take part. There is no entry fee. There is no need to qualify. The minimum bet for participation is 1 euro, the maximum is unlimited. The number of winners is 50. The contest lasts exactly one week and ends on Tuesdays at 02:00 (Moscow time).

The winners of the competition are determined by the calculation of rating points accumulated by all participants. Points are awarded for each winning bet with a certain multiplier. The bigger the multiplier, the higher the participant’s position in the rating table. Also, the number of points is increased each time a user makes a bet higher than the minimum value.

Multiplication factorNumber of points
To x00

If at the end of the week several contestants finish the race with the same points, the higher place will go to the one who earned his points earlier than everyone else. Only real money bets count in the competition. You can follow the current progress of the points in the tournament table on the promotion page.

At the end of the scoring period the top 50 players of the leaderboard become the winners of the prize pool. The percentage award distribution is as follows:

PlaceTournament Winner

The following games will count towards the competition: Immersive Roulette, Live Multi View Roulette, Live American Roulette, Japanese Roulette, Roulette A, Speed Roulette, Roulette Russia, VIP Roulette, Sun Macau VIP Roulette, French Roulette Gold, Lightning Roulette, Roulette Macao.

More detailed rules are available on the event page on the official casino website. The rules are subject to change or amendment at any time without prior notice to players. The company reserves the right to refuse a customer’s participation if gross violations of the User Agreement are noticed. All standard rules of the Bons venue apply to the tournament.

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