Rich Catch Tournament at Favbet Casino

Rich Catch Tournament at Favbet Casino

Favbet’s Wealthy Catch tournament runs from February 24 to March 2. During this time video slot lovers will fight for a part of the big prize fund of 1 400 000 UAH. To participate you need to make 100 spins in the qualifying slots. 250 people will be able to take the award. The minimum bet is 35 UAH.

Winners are determined by the maximum number of points. Participants earn points by playing tournament slots. Points are displayed in the online table. Calculation formula: 35 UAH – 1 PTS. Bets made with real money are taken into account.

For example, if you play for the minimum amount of UAH 35 and earn UAH 3500, then 100 points will be added to the asset. Bonus funds don’t count.


The prize pool of 1 400 000 UAH is for 250 players. The standings are automatically updated and published on the site. Each winner will get a part of total sum.

PlaceReward (% of FF)

Money will be awarded in full at the end of the tournament. For automatic payment of prizes it is necessary to activate 1 spin after the 2nd of March. Funds will be credited to players’ balances within 72 hours. Withdrawal will become available only after account verification.

Recruitment of tournament points is possible in special tournament slot machines, namely Hit The Gold: Gold And Win, Scarab Temple: Hold And Win, Tiger Jungle: Hold And Win, Book Of Wizard: Crystal Chance, 3 Coins: Hold And Win and others.

Decisions regarding tournament rules are made by Favbet. It forbids the creation of multiple online casino accounts. Only one user may register and play from a unique IP. In case of violation of the rules, withdrawal of the reward will not be available.

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