Retro Gaming Exclusive Tournament at GGbet Casino

Retro Gaming Exclusive Tournament at GGbet Casino

From November 22 to 28 on GGbet website the Retro Gaming Exclusive contest is held for those who love famous video slots. There are 20 winners who will share the prize pool of 120,000 UAH. Everyone who registered and clicked the “Participate” button can take part in the competition. The minimum bet is not specified in the rules.

The winners will be chosen after the calculation of the maximum number of points. In order to earn them, each participant must qualify for 10 rounds. Then, by betting with real money, the user will receive points according to the formula 1 point per 30 UAH of winnings.

For example, to record 300 points on the leaderboard, the amount of rewards must be from UAH 9,000. But if a participant bets ₴9,000 and earns ₴500, only 16 points will be added.

The prize pool of 120,000 UAH will be divided among 20 contenders. The leaderboard indicators on the site are automatically updated. The results will be announced on November 28 at 23:59 (Moscow time). Winners standings are as follows:

1₴20 000
2₴18 000
3₴15 000
4₴12 000
5₴10 000
6₴7 500
7₴6 000
8₴5 500
9₴5 000
10₴4 000
11₴3 500
12₴3 000
13₴2 500
14₴2 000
15₴1 700
16₴1 400
17₴1 200

Prizes will be transferred to the real balance after the end of the contest. Within 24 hours money will be available for withdrawal to bank cards and e-wallets. Bonus does not need to be redeemed.

To get the points, you need to play tournament video slots, viz: African Drum, Irish Cheers, Pyramids of Mystery, Mexican Chilies, Retro Fest, Retro Gems, Red Hot Fruits and others.

The rules of the site GGbet forbid the creation of two or more accounts for one user. For this rely disqualification from the tournament and blocking deposits. There will be no refund. The administration strictly monitors the compliance of participants.

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