Reef of Rewards Tournament at Pin Up Casino

Reef of Rewards Tournament at Pin Up Casino

On May 10 at 01:01 Moscow time online casino Pin Up started the tournament Reef of Reward from the provider Yggdrasil Gaming. In the contest prize fund of 3,600,000 rubles. Participate can any registered user of the casino, making bets in the qualifying slots. There is no entry fee. There are no loyalty requirements. The number of winning places – 350. The competition will end May 17 at 00:59 Moscow time.

To start the race you must start any of the qualification games and then click on the Join Now button in the pop-up window. The tournament consists of four missions. There are separate conditions for each of them. To pass the qualification a participant must successfully complete all 4 tasks in a minimum number of rounds. The fewer spins a player spends during the mission, the more points he will get.

Atlantean GigariseCollect 60 Wild Characters
Valley of the GodsActivate Statues Three Times
Multifly!Three times reach the third character drop.
HadesTwo times start the fight function

The player may complete a mission an unlimited number of times. Only the best result will always be saved. You can restart the quest after 25 spins by pressing the appropriate button in the slot interface. The user who completes all tasks for the least number of spins takes first place and takes the top prize of 900,000 rubles without wagering. All other participants up to 350th position get between RUB 450,000 and RUB 2,250.

1900,000 RUB
2450,000 RUB
3180,000 RUB
4-890,000 RUB
9-2045,000 RUB
21-359,000 RUB
36-1404500 RUB
141-3502250 RUB

Only real currency bets on the previously listed slots count in the competition. Bonus funds cannot be applied to the race. At the end of the period, all prizes are paid out automatically within 72 hours. There is no wager, and the money is deposited into a live account without wagering.

These race conditions are determined by the developer Yggdrasil Gaming, as well as the Pin Up site itself. All standard casino rules remain in force. The provisions of the bonus policy also remain valid. For any fraudulent actions with the purpose of dishonest winnings, such user will be immediately suspended from participation without the right to receive a prize.

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