Playtech Tournament at RedStar Casino

Playtech Tournament at RedStar Casino

From July 30 to August 2 at the RedStar casino is the final stage of the Playtech Tournament series for gaming enthusiasts. The total prize fund of the tournament is 1000 euros. Participation is available to all registered customers who wager on Playtech qualifying games. There is no need to be selected. Entry fee is not required. The number of winners is 20. The minimum bet for participation is 0.1 EU /0.10 USD/5 RUB/3 UAH. The maximum limits are not set. The race will end on August 2 at 03:00 Moscow time.

During the campaign, users spin qualification slots for real money, accumulating rating points. Points are awarded for winning multipliers. Each caught x1 multiplier equals 1 point. In offset go multipliers of x50. Users accumulate progress throughout the race. The more points a participant earns, the higher his position in the tournament table will be.

For example, a person has made two bets during a race, on which the winnings with odds of x57 and x179 were accrued. So, the points for this user will be calculated as follows: 179 + 57 = 236. The top 20 participants who finished the period with the best results get to the prize zone of the competition and share 1000 EUR between them:

place award
1300 EUR
2200 EUR
3150 EUR
4100 EUR
575 EUR
6-750 EUR
8-1025 EUR
11-20100 freespins for Legacy of the Tiger slot

All money will be credited to winners’ accounts automatically within 24 hours of the results being announced. There are no wagering requirements. Only real bets on the following slots are eligible for this tournament: Buffalo Blitz 2, Norse Eruption, Buccaneer Bells, Halloween Fortune 2, Tip Top Totems Powerplay, Vampire of Darkness, Robocop, Dragon’s Hall Thundershots, Wild Lynx, Rulers of Olympus, Epic Troy, Jackpot, Pyramid Valley, Kings Court, Jinns Moon, Chili Eruption.

The standard rules and bonus provisions of the operator Redstar remain valid for the tournament. By participating in the race, the user automatically agrees to all requirements. For any fraudulent actions with the purpose of dishonest winnings the person will be removed from the tournament. No prize money will be paid in such cases.

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