Play Fortuna Casino Prize Harvest Tournament

Play Fortuna Casino Prize Harvest Tournament

On August 12 at 13:00 MSK, Play Fortuna began the “Prize Harvest” race for video slot lovers. The total payout fund of the contest – 5,000,000 bonus points, which can be exchanged for real money. The number of winners – 100. Any registered customer who confirmed their participation on the event page can join the tournament. There is no qualification. No cash deposits from the users are not required. The minimum bet is 5 RUB/0.05 EUR/0.20 PLN/0.05 CAD/0.26 BRL/3.75 INR/0.05 USD. The maximum limits are not set. Results will be announced on August 15th at 13:00 MSC.

This tournament is held by the discipline of recruiting the maximum number of points. During the campaign, users must spin qualifying slots for real money and accumulate points. The formula for accruing points is as follows: winnings / bet amount * bet size multiplier. The minimum multiplier, going into the offset of the competition – x10.

Amount of stake Ratio
0.05-0.19 USD5-12.99 RUB0.20-0.75 PLN0.05-0.21 CAD0.26-0.99 BRL3.75-14.99 INRX0.5
0.20-0.39 USD13-26.99 RUB0.76-1.59 PLN0.25-0.49 CAD1-1.99 BRL15-29.99 INRX0.75
0.40-0.79 USD27-55.99 RUB1.60-2.99 PLN0.50-0.99 CAD2-3.99 BRL30-59.99 INRX1
0.80-1.49 USD56-104.99 RUB3-5.99 PLN1-1.99 CAD4-7.99 BRL60-112.49 INRX1.25
1.50-2.99 USD105-211.99 RUB6-11.99 PLN2-3.89 CAD8-15.99 BRL112.50-224.99 INRX1.5
3-6.49 USD212-459.99 RUB12-25.99 PLN3.90-8.49 CAD16-33.99 BRL225-487.49 INRX1.75
6.50-12.99 USD460-919.99 RUB26-51.99 PLN8.50-15.99 CAD34-67.99 BRL487.50-974.99 INRX2
13-29.99 USD920-2129.99 RUB52-119.99 PLN16-38.99 CAD68-157.99 BRL975-2249.99 INRX2.5
30 USD and more2130 RUB and more120 PLN and more39 CAD and more158 BRL and more2250 INR and morex3

Suppose the client made 3 bets of 50, 80 and 350 rubles during the tournament. His payout was 2500, 9850 and 20 555 rubles respectively. Thus, according to the results of the race this player will get the following points: (2500 / 50) * 1 + (9850 / 80) * 1,25 + (20 555 / 350) * 1,75 = 50 + 153,91 + 102,77 = 306,68.

The 100 participants who complete the tournament with the best rankings become the winners and share the following prize pool:

PlacePrize, поинтов
1700 000
2500 000
3400 000
4300 000
5250 000
6200 000
7175 000
8150 000
9125 000
10-1006,000 to 100,000

At the end of the contest, the prize money will be automatically distributed to the winners. Bonus points can be exchanged for real money. The conversion rate depends on the user’s level in the loyalty program. Spins from the bonus account do not accumulate rating points.

Qualification slots: Aztec Pyramid Megaways, Olympian Gods, The Queen of Egypt, Lion’s Pride, Pistoleras, Revolution, Wicked Witch, Blood Suckers, Ice Ice Yeti, Coywolf Cash, Cat Queen, Starmada Exiles, Silent Samurai, Mighty Kong, Gold Star, Lilith’s Passion, Joker Reelz, Thrones of Persia, Wolf Hunters, Blood Moon Wilds, Feng Fu, Nova Gems, Arcade Bomb, Egyptian Fortunes, Atlantis Queen, Legend of the Jaguar, Raging Rex, Druid’s Dream, Scopa, Roman Power, Black River Gold and others.

All general rules and bonus provisions of the Play Fortuna site remain valid. For any gross violation of the applicable User Agreement, such player will be immediately suspended from participation in the race. By registering for this race, the client automatically accepts all tournament requirements.

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