Pin Up Casino Winning Bet Tournament

Pin Up Casino Winning Bet Tournament

On March 15 at 13:00 (Moscow time) the online casino Pin Up started the tournament “Winning Bet” for fans of slot machines. The total prize fund is 441 000 RUB. The race is available for all registered users who bet on TVBet provider games in the “TV Games” section. There are no qualifications. There is no entry fee. Players of all VIP levels are allowed. Minimum bet is 50 rubles. No maximal limits set. Number of prizes – 30. Results will be announced on March 22 after 00:00 MSK.

Discipline of the tournament – a set of rating points. Winners are determined by the maximum amount of points, gained during the tournament in qualification games. Points are awarded based on the amount of prize money. The final formula is as follows: winnings in EUR * 10.

Suppose that during the tournament the user made a bet of 100 rubles. The winnings were 750 rubles. The resulting amount is converted into Euros (8,5 EUR), and then multiplied by 10: 8,5 * 10 = 85 points.

The player continuously accumulates points throughout the competition. At the end of the week all points earned are summed up and a list of leaders is formed. The 30 best participants who accumulated the maximum number of points get to the prize zone of the tournament and share 441 000 roubles between them. The fund distribution system by places is presented in the following scheme:

place award
1130,000 RUB
288,000 RUBLES
366,000 RUB
4-526,000 RUB
6-109,000 RUB
11-155,000 RUB
16-204000 RUB
21-252,000 RUB
26-301000 RUB

The maximum number of points that can be earned in a tournament is unlimited. At the end of the contest, all the prizes are paid within 2 days. Money is paid without any vager.

Only bets made with real money on the following games from TVBet: Keno, 7Bet, 5Bet, 21Bet, Joker, Fruitrace, Poker, Wheel, War, Backgammon, Lucky6, 1Bet.

The winner’s account must be verified at the time of tournament winnings accrual. By taking part in the promotion, the player automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of the promotion. All standard Pin Up casino rules and bonus policy provisions must also be followed.

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