Penalty Shootout Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

Penalty Shootout Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

On June 10 at Cosmolot the “Penalty Shootout Series” tournament for all slot lovers started. The competition includes 5 stages, each lasting 3 days. The total prize pool is 25,000 EUR. All registered users who make bets in the qualifying games of the tournament are allowed to participate. No money prize is required. The number of prize places – 100. The minimum bet – 4 euros. The series will continue till the 26th of June.

Tournament No. 1June 10-14
Tournament number 2June 14-17
Tournament #3June 17-20
Tournament #4June 20-23
Tournament #5June 23-26

Winners are determined by counting the money supplied by all participants during the period. The higher the amount of the user, the higher his place in the list of leaders. At the end of the contest, the top 100 players who finished the stage with the best tournament results become the winners. The prize pool of 5000 EUR is distributed as follows:

place award
11,000 EUR
2600 EUR
3-4350 EUR
5-8200 EUR
9-1660 EUR
17-2435 EUR
25-10015 EUR

The following slot machines from Habanero are eligible for the tournament: Candy Tower, Techno Tumble, Mount Mazuma, Before Time Runs Out, Orbs of Atlantis, London Hunter, Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, 5 Lucky Lions, Jellyfish Flow, Fa Cai Shen Deluxe, Wealth Inn, Happy Ape, Rolling Roger, 5 Mariachis, The Big Deal, Fortune Dogs.

Only real money bets count towards the contest. Rounds played from the bonus balance will not be taken into account when calculating the totals. All prizes are paid out automatically immediately after the end of the contest. There is no wagering fee, the money is credited to the main account.

The terms and conditions of the competition may be changed or amended at any time. By participating in the race, the client automatically agrees to all the rules. Any action contrary to the current User Agreement will result in the disqualification of the player, without the right to any prize money in case of victory.

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