Novelty Review 2 Tournament at Vulkan Vegas Casino

Novelty Review 2 Tournament at Vulkan Vegas Casino

From 19 to 26 at the site of Vulcan Vegas the tournament “Novelty Review 2” is held for fans of slot machines. The guaranteed prize fund of the contest is 500 000 rubles. The number of winners is 20. Participation is available to all customers registered on the official casino website and betting on slot machines. There is no entry fee. Qualification is also not required. Minimum bet is not set. The competition will end April 26 at 03:00 Moscow time.

To start the race, the player must register for the tournament. To do this, simply go to the action page, and then click on “Participate”. Winners are determined by the maximum number of points. Points are awarded only for winning bets. Every 100 rubles won will bring the user 1 point.

Suppose the client makes 5 bets during the week. The winnings on them in total amounted to 18 500 rubles. So, the points will be calculated as follows: 18 500 / 100 = 185. The top 20 participants who accumulated the maximum number of points get to the prize zone of the tournament. The fund distribution system is shown below.

1125,000 RUB
280,000 RUBLES
360,000 RUBLES
450,000 RUB
540,000 RUB
630,000 RUB
725,000 RUB
820,000 RUB
915,000 RUB
1010,000 RUB
119,000 RUB
128000 RUB
137000 RUB
146000 RUB
155000 RUB
164000 RUB
173000 RUB
181500 RUB
191000 RUB
20500 RUB

Upon completion of the tournament, prizes will be paid to the principal balance. There are no wagering requirements. Points are accumulated only from real money bets. Spins on bonus funds are not counted.

Qualifying machines: 20 Clovers Hot, Book of Divine, Egypt King, Ellen’s Fortune, Fruit Lines, Orbs of Atlantis, Reel Desire, Runes of Destiny, Sea God, Sevens and Books, Faces of Freya, The Paying Piano Club, Trillionaire, Egyptian Rebirth, Wild West.

The tournament may be suspended at any time at the discretion of the organizer. All standard rules of the Vulkan Vegas site remain valid. The bonus policy must also be complied with.

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