Money Week Tournament at 1xSlots Casino

Money Week Tournament at 1xSlots Casino

On March 1 at 03:01 MSK 1xSlots will start the “Money Week” tournament from the provider Playson. The total prize pool of the competition is 60,000 euros without wagering. All fans of slot machines can participate, registered on the official website operator 1xSlots. No qualification is required. The number of prizes is 350. The minimum bet is 0.50 EUR per spin. Participation is free. Results of the tournament will be announced on March 9 at 02:59 (MSC).

To win the competition, players need to bet on participating slots during the promotion period and earn points. For every €1 of winnings a user will receive 10 points. At the end of the competition, all points earned by the participant are added up and entered into the leaderboard.

Let’s assume that throughout the tournament a player has made 4 winning bets, which will bring him prizes of 20, 77, 45 and 4 euros. Thus, the points will be calculated as follows: 20 * 10 + 77 * 10 + 45 * 10 + 4 * 10 = 200 + 770 + 450 + 40 = 1460 points. Top 350 participants with the most points become the winners of the competition. The scheme for distributing the prizes is shown below.

place award
110,000 EUR
25000 EUR
33000 EUR
41500 EUR
51000 EUR
6900 EUR
7800 EUR
8700 EUR
9600 EUR
10500 EUR
11-25400 EUR
26-50200 EUR
51-100150 EUR
101-200100 EUR
201-35050 EUR

If at the end of the tournament several users finish the race with the same results, the player, who scored the points earlier than the others, will take the higher place in the leaderboard. Only real bets take part in the competition. Bonus currency spins do not count.

The present rules of the tournament can be changed by the organizer at any time. By taking part in the promotion, the user automatically agrees to all terms and conditions. Any violation of the 1xSlots service rules will result in disqualification of the participant with forfeiture of the prize in the event of winning.

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