Miraculous Winter Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

Miraculous Winter Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

From 10:00 (MSC) on December 20 to 23:59 (MSC) on December 30, the online casino Cosmolot hosts a series of 11 “Miraculous Winter” tournaments. The event will appeal to fans of video slots. The prize fund competition – 20 000 euros. Everyone has the right to participate. Only 660 winners will take their awards. The minimum spin price is €0.2.

During the competition there will be a system for calculating the maximum number of points. Points will be awarded for bets from 30 UAH. 30 UAH – 10 points. Only spins paid from the main account are taken into account. Freespins and other bonuses do not affect the results.

For example, a player spun the reels at a bet of 50 UAH and earned 900 UAH. The leaderboard will record the result of 30 points. Points are summed up and the participant’s position is determined as a result. The higher the place in the table, the better the reward.

€20,000 prize fund will be played in 10 daily tournaments (€1500) and 1 final tournament (€10,000). There will be 60 winners per event. Results will be automatically posted on the online casino’s website.

PlacePrize, in euros

Money will be paid at the end of tournaments within 72 hours. The final tournament will take place on 12/30/2021. Prizes do not need to be redeemed with a wager, as they are not bonuses.

To accumulate points, you must use tournament slots, viz: Sunny Coin, Burning Power, Book of Symbols, The Hottest Game, Hot Life, GG Coin and others. They can be tried out in a demo if the participant is not familiar with the gameplay and rules.

The terms and conditions of the Cosmolot casino user agreement are available round the clock on the operator’s website. They are read by everyone who registers a new account. Rules of the site apply to everyone. The main requirement is to exclude any type of fraud, including multi-accounting.

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