Magic Tale Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

Magic Tale Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

From 03:01 (MSC) December 1 to 02:59 (MSC) December 11 at Cosmolot online casino is the 1st stage of a major competition “Magic Tale” for those who are fond of slot machines. Declared prize fund of 70,000 EUR. Everyone can take part, but only 350 people will get the reward. The minimum bet is €0.5.

Winners will be chosen on the basis of the maximum number of points. Points will be awarded according to the amount of winnings. For every EUR 1 there are 10 points. The more points a participant accumulates, the higher his position in the tournament table. The amount of points is accumulated throughout the competition.

For example, betting €1, a visitor earned €30. His result can be found out as follows: 30*10=300 points.

The €70,000 prize pool will be drawn between the 350 participants. The leaderboard results are updated every 5 minutes. Depending on the final positions of the participants, the following bonuses will be awarded:

PlaceReward, in euros
110 000

Depending on which account the participant has activated at the beginning, the cash reward will be credited to it. There is no wagering requirement for prizes with a particular wager value.

To collect points, you must use tournament slots, namely Book of Gold, Buffalo Power, Divine Dragon, Eagle Power, Solar Queen, Spirit of Egypt, The Fruit and others.

Cosmolot Online Casino reserves the right to stop or postpone the competition indefinitely. During this period all payments to users will be frozen. Any type of fraud is also forbidden. These are described in the rules of the user agreement, which everyone is familiar with during registration.

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