Love Carnival Series Tournament at Jvspin Casino

Love Carnival Series Tournament at Jvspin Casino

From February 11 12:00 to February 17 10:00 Moscow time, Jvspin online casino is hosting the Love Carnival Series race with a total prize pool of €10,000. The competition is available to all registered users who have participated in daily Love Carnival Series tournaments. There is no entry fee. The number of prize places is 250. Bet per spin must be at least 1 EUR.

This tournament is in addition to the main Love Carnival Daily series. By participating in daily events, the player continuously accumulates rating points during the week. Points are awarded for completing the following actions:

  • Passing qualification. For this, the user needs to play in qualification machines. The minimum number is 100 rounds. For each hit in the main round the participant is awarded 200 points.
  • Placement of bets. On the main stage for every 100 EUR a player receives 1 point.
  • Receiving prizes in the daily competition. The number of points depends on the exact position in the standings.
  • place number of points
    11000 points
    2500 points
    3250 points
    4-5200 points
    6-10150 points
    11-10050 points
    101-20030 очков

    At the end of the tournament week, all points accumulated by the players are summed up and a leaderboard ranking is formed. The distribution of prizes by place can be found in the following table:

    Place Award
    11000 EUR
    2800 EUR
    3700 EUR
    4-5500 EUR
    6-10200 EUR
    11-3075 EUR
    31-5050 EUR
    51-10025 EUR
    101-15015 EUR
    151-25010 EUR

    If at the end of the week there is a dispute between two or more contestants on points, the prize goes to the player who scored the points before the other contestants. When the results are counted, only real money bets are taken into account. Prizes are paid to winners in cash no later than three days after the end of the event.

    By clicking on the “Participate” button on the promotion page, the player automatically agrees to all applicable rules. At the discretion of the organizer, the terms and conditions of the contest may be changed or amended at any time without any notification to the other party. The rules of the Jvspin site shall remain in force. In the event of a breach of the user agreement, the player will prematurely terminate their participation, forfeiting their right to prize money.

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