Love Carnival Daily Tournament at Jvspin Casino

Love Carnival Daily Tournament at Jvspin Casino

On February 11 at 12:00 MSK the Love Carnival Daily tournament series from developer Booongo kicks off. The total prize pool is 30,000 euros. The competition consists of 6 daily stages, each of which will be drawn EUR 5000. Participation is free of charge. The number of prize places is 200. The race is available to all users who have an active game account on the official casino website. The minimum bet amount is 1 EUR. To qualify for the main stage, the player must qualify by making at least 100 spins in the tournament slots.

PeriodTournament Discipline
February 11-12Highest multiplier
February 12-13Highest gain
February 13-14Highest multiplier
February 14-15Highest gain
February 15-16Highest multiplier
February 16-17Highest gain

Each new round starts at 12:00 and ends the next day at 10:00 MSK. Winners are determined by the maximum number of points scored by the participants during the game period. The series is judged on two key disciplines, highest multiplier and highest winnings.

The first types of tournaments are held on February 11, 13 and 15. The number of points awarded in such contests will depend on the multiplier caught in the video slot. For example, a user made a bet of EUR 10 and got a winnings of 230 from it. In the end, the points will be determined as follows: 230 / 10 = 23 points. The final calculation will take into account the maximum multiplier among all those caught during the day.

On February 12, 14, and 16, there will be contests for the highest winnings. Let’s assume the user made a bet of 3 EUR and it was successful. The winnings were 35 EUR. So, the participant will get 35 points in the contest. Only the maximum winnings during the day will be counted.

By the results of the crediting period 200 participants with the best rating figures become winners and share the prize money of 5000 euros. The distribution of the tournament winnings is shown in the following table:

PlaceTournament winnings
1500 EUR
2300 EUR
3250 EUR
4-575 EUR
6-1050 EUR
11-2030 EUR
21-10025 EUR
101-15015 EUR
151-20010 EUR

If there are more than one claimant with the same number of points at the end of a period, the player who earned his points first will be placed higher on the leaderboard. Only bets made with real currency count towards the competition. Bonus spins are not counted.

Participating slots: Thunder of Olympus, 3 Coins, Tiger Stone, Great Panda, Book of Sun Multichance, Moon Sisters, Eye of Gold, Sun of Egypt 2, 15 Dragon Pearls, Scarab Temple, Book of Sun Choice, Dragon Pearls, Sun of Egypt, Aztec Sun, Tiger’s Gold.

For more detailed rules of the series, see the event page on the Jvspin Casino website. The terms and conditions of the event can be changed by the organizer at any time. All standard rules of Jvspin site apply to the tournament series. If they are violated, the player is disqualified from further participation in the race, and all progress achieved is annulled.

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