Lord of Seas Tournament at Casino Frank

Lord of Seas Tournament at Casino Frank

Lord of Seas is the daily tournament series at Frank Online Casino. Each tournament starts at 08:00 and ends at 09:59 the same day. The tournament features cash prizes and internal casino currency. The winner will receive €60.

To participate, you must wager at the slot machines. All gambling games in the “Slots” section are available for tournament participants. The first 400 spins go into the competition, there is no limit on the amount of bets. If a player has unplayed bonuses, his bets will not be taken into account until the conditions of wagering are fulfilled.

For each prize spin, the player receives points. The number of points depends on the odds of winning:

  • from x1 to x15 – 1 point;
  • from x15 to x30 – 25 points;
  • from x30 and above – 100 points.
  • For every 3 consecutive rounds won, a participant receives 5 additional points. The number of gained points can be found in the tournament table on the competition page.

    The prize fund of the competition is 105 euros and 225 francs (FR). In order to win it is necessary to get the most points. The first place winner gets 60 euros, the second place winner gets 30 euros, the third place winner gets 15 euros. Players in places 4 to 10 receive prizes in the casino’s internal currency:

  • 4th place – 75 francs;
  • 5th place – 50 francs;
  • 6th place – 30 francs;
  • 7th place – 25 francs;
  • 8th place – 20 francs;
  • 9th place – 15 francs;
  • 10th place – 10 francs.
  • All winnings are wagered with a wager of x20. Prizes must be activated within 48 hours of the end of the tournament, and wagered within 24 hours of activation.

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