Lockdown Series Tournament at PokerMatch Casino

Lockdown Series Tournament at PokerMatch Casino

From 8 to 25 January in the online casino PokerMatch within the Lockdown Series action “Tourniromania” with a total prize pool of 250,000 hryvnias takes place. All users, registered in the poker client, can take part. It is free. No qualification is required. The number of winners – 40. Results will be announced on January 25 at 15:00 MSK.

The winners of the Tournamentomania are determined by the maximum number of points scored by players in the Lockdown Series contests. Points will be awarded for each opponent knocked out. The higher the entry fee, the more points a participant will receive.

Number of points
25-50 UAH1 point
100-250 UAH2 points
500 UAH or more3 points

In addition, for participating in each Lockdown Series tournament, the player will receive a lucky ticket, upon activation of which a 1% refund or the full cost of the entry fee (rebuys and addons are not counted) can be obtained. There is a 2.5% chance of getting a 100% refund, and a 97.5% chance of getting a 1% refund. Once credited, this ticket must be used in the “Bonuses” section of the casino’s poker client. “Lucky Card” is active for two days from the date of receipt. Refunds are made in tournament money.

At the end of the period, the players with the highest number of points become the winners of the Tournaments and share the prize money of UAH 250,000:

Place Award
150,000 UAH
237,500 UAH
330,000 UAH
422,500 UAH
517 500 UAH
612 500 UAH
710,000 UAH
87,500 UAH
95,000 UAH
103750 UAH
11-152750 UAH
16-202250 UAH
21-251750 UAH
26-301500 UAH
31-401250 UAH

Current score progress can be tracked under “Promotions” in the PokerMatch Casino game client. All prizes will be credited within 15 minutes of the leaderboard closing. There are no wagering requirements.

The operator reserves the right to change the current promotion rules at any time without prior notice to users. If the rules of the site are found to be abused, such player will be suspended from further participation in the event. All standard PokerMatch rules will remain in force.

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