Lighting Blackjack Tournament at Unibet Casino

Lighting Blackjack Tournament at Unibet Casino

On January 24, at 14:00 (MSC) a week-long Lighting Blackjack tournament will begin at Unibet online casino. Participants who love table games will be competing for EUR 10,000 until January 30, 2022. The prize will go to 100 entrants. Anyone who has registered on the site can participate. The minimum bet is €0.5.

There is a maximum points scoring mechanic. In order to accumulate points, it is necessary to make 10 qualifying spins. After that, the points will be calculated according to the formula: 1 EUR – 1 PTS. You can bet only for real money. Freespins and other bonuses will not be taken into account.

For example, having played 10 qualification rounds, the participant spent 20 EUR on spins. For that 20 points will be credited to the leaderboard. Points will be credited for both winning and losing spins.

The prize of 10 000 euros will be given to 100 participants. Tournament table is published on the site in real time. Results will be announced on 31.01.2022, at 01:59 (MSC).

PlacePrize (EUR)

Participants will receive their prizes within 24 hours of the end of the contest. It is not necessary to wager with the wagered reward. Withdrawal can be processed after verification. The administration considers the application within a day. Documents for identification can be attached in the Personal Area.

Points will be credited only for the use of Live Casino tournament games, namely, Mega Ball, Cash Or Crash, Lighting Blackjack, Money Wheel and others. They cannot be tried out in demo version.

The administration of the online casino Unibet has prepared a user agreement for customers. The terms and conditions are read to participants at the account registration stage. Everyone who has created an account at the site automatically agrees to follow the requirements flawlessly. Violators will be punished by the operator with blocking without the right to a refund of the deposit.

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