IPC Tournament Tournaments at PokerMatch Casino

IPC Tournament Tournaments at PokerMatch Casino

From November 1 to 21 on the platform of Poker Match there is a tournament IPC “Tourniromania”. The prize fund – 300 000 hryvnia. Fighting for the cash prize will be 25 participants. The results of all IPC tournaments are taken into account. You can qualify for them at numerous satellites. You can search for them in the tournament lobby, in the “Satellite Structure” tab.

The competition takes place according to the formula of scoring the maximum number of points. Points are awarded for each participant knocked out. The higher the buy-in, the more points a player receives for each knockout.

When one user knocks out an opponent from the table, he is awarded a fixed number of points. Their amount depends on the tournament fee. This can be clearly seen in the table:

Fee (UAH) Knockout points
1 000-1 2505
2 50010

The prize fund of 300,000 hryvnias will be shared by 25 lucky winners. The top three will additionally receive the named cups. The results will be announced after the end of the competition. The prize table is as follows:

Place Prize (UAH)
155 000
240 000
330 000
425 000
520 000
615 000
712 500
8-910 000
10-157 500
16-205 000
21-252 500

Trophies are delivered and paid for by Poker Match. The maximum delivery time is 30 days. The money is credited to myAlpari balance 15 minutes after the end of the tournament. There are no wagering requirements. To withdraw the prize money to your real account, you need to verify your account.

All IPC Series tournaments: New York NLHE, Dubai OFC, Bangkok PKO, etc. will count for points.

If technical problems occur during the tournament, the tournament will be stopped. The time for fixing the problems is 60 minutes. If the game cannot be restored, the tournament is postponed to the next day. During the competition the standard rules of the project apply. Cheating is subject to disqualification without the right to payment.

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