Ice To See You 2022 Tournament at AzartPlay Casino

Ice To See You 2022 Tournament at AzartPlay Casino

On January 11 AzartPlay website began a competition between fans of video slots Ice To See You 2022. The tournament will end on 18.01.2022, at 01:59 Moscow time. There will be 10,000 EUR in prizes between 70 participants. The competition is available to every visitor of the casino. The minimum bet is €0.4.

Operator uses a maximum points scoring mechanic. Points are accumulated in the tournament table for 5000 spins. Spins must be done with real money. 1 point is counted after each won round. It is important that the amount of prizes is greater than that which was initially at stake.

For example, having spent EUR 100 for a spin and winning EUR 1000, a participant will receive 1 point. A similar result will be from a bet of EUR 1, where the reward will be EUR 5. Consequently, the amount is not important. The main thing is the result.

The prize of 10 000 EUR will be divided among 70 participants. The tournament table is published on the website and is updated automatically.

placePrize (EUR)

Money is paid out at the end of the contest. There is a wagering requirement for prizes with a wager of x1. Payouts will be available after creation of an application and verification of the account. If multiple players accumulate the same number of points, the award will go to the first one to accumulate the required amount.

During the competition, you must use the tournament video slots such as Pumpkin Smash, Valley of Gods, Casino Zeppelin, Vikings Wild, Seasons, Age of Asgard, Rainbow Ryan, etc.

The operator AzartPlay has posted the rules of the site on the website. The terms of the user agreement visitors study at the stage of account registration. You can also read the rules in myAlpari. It is recommended to comply with the main requirements of the administration, otherwise the reward can be canceled.

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