Holiday Tournament at the Rocks Casino

Holiday Tournament at the Rocks Casino

Holiday is a Rox Casino tournament aimed at players whose main activity falls on the weekend. The competition starts on Saturday at 00:05 Moscow time and ends on Sunday at 23:59.

To win a tournament you must place more bets than the other participants. Bets starting from 50 roubles count in the tournament, and the maximum size is not limited. Every week the most popular slot machines are selected for the tournament. The complete list of tournament games is available on the page of the competition.

There is a cumulative prize pool with a minimum guaranteed amount of €1,000. The more often the participants bet, the bigger the prize pool.

At the end of the tournament the entire accumulated sum is paid out to the players from top 15:

  • winner – 25%
  • second place – 15%
  • third place – 10%
  • 4th-6th place – 7%
  • 8-9th place – 5%
  • 10-12th place – 3%
  • 12-14th place – 2%
  • 15th place – 1%
  • Winnings are credited as a bonus, prizes need to be won back with a weager of x3.

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