Hold’em Windfall Rake Race Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

Hold’em Windfall Rake Race Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

On May 28 at 00:00 MSK at Pokerdom Casino the Hold’em Windfall Rake Race tournament for poker fans will start. The total prize fund of the competition is 1 000 000 rubles. All players registered in the poker client of the casino are allowed to take part. There is no qualification. Entry fee starts from 100 rubles. Number of prizes – 50 in each of 2 leagues. Results will be announced on June 7 after 00:00 MSK.

This tournament is divided into League A (buy-in from 1000RUB) and League B (buy-in 100-500RUB). The winners are determined by the points accumulated by all participants during the tournament. For every RUR generated in Hold’em Windfall Hold’em 3-max and Heads-Up a user is awarded 1 point. The more points a player accumulates by the time of summing up, the higher his position in the rating list of leaders will be. Distribution of the prize money by leagues is shown in the table below:

PlaceLeague A.
entrance fee from 1000 RUB and higher
League B.
entrance fee from 100 till 500 RUB inclusive
1192 000 RUB128 000 RUB
2120,000 RUB80,000 RUB
384,000 RUB56,000 RUB
460,000 RUB40,000 RUB
536,000 RUB24,000 RUB
624,000 RUB16,000 RUB
718,000 RUB12,000 RUB
812,000 RUB8,000 RUB
9-106000 RUB4000 RUB
11-153600 RUB2400 RUB
16-252400 RUB1600 RUB

Prize money will be credited immediately after the results of the race are summarized. There are no wagering requirements. Only cash tables take part in this tournament. Playing sessions on virtual chips will not be taken into consideration when calculating points.

The terms and conditions of the rake race can be modified or amended at the discretion of the organizer at any time. By taking part in the competition, the player automatically agrees to all the rules. The standard rules of Pokerdom will remain in effect.

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