Holdem Leaderboard tournament at PokerOK (ex GGPokerOK)

Holdem Leaderboard tournament at PokerOK (ex GGPokerOK)

From November 1, 11:00 AM (MSC) to December 1, 10:59 AM (MSC) the online casino GGPokerok is holding a series of Holdem Leaderboard competitions. No qualifications required. Limits from 0.01 / 0.02 USD. Anyone with an account at GGPokerok is eligible to participate.

Only cash Hold’em games count towards the tournament rules. Points for deals at VIP tables will not be credited. The total prize pool is $650,000. Every day there will be over 21,000 USD. The size of the prize pool depends on the limits, at which the participant plays:

Prize pool
Number of winners
5 / 10 USD
7,750 USD
2 / 5 USD
4,075 USD
1 / 2 USD
3 235 USD
0.5 / 1 USD
2 200 USD
0.25 / 0.50 USD
1 462.50 USD
0.10 / 0.25 USD
1 400 USD
0.05 / 0.10 USD
663 USD
0.02 / 0.05 USD
339 USD
0.01 / 0.02 USD
169.50 USD
Total: 21,294 USD

Winners of the contest are determined by the number of points accumulated during the crediting period (11:00 – 10:59 Moscow time). The points depend on the stake and the number of hands played with rake. Each betting level has a different number of points per hand. In case of a tie, the player who got his points first is placed higher in the standings.

You can speed up your progress in the competition during the Happy Hours promotion period. Every day from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM MSC, playing at the Hold’em cash tables earns the participant 1.5 times more points than at any other time.

At the end of the day, the 15 to 200 participants with the most points will win the tournament and share the prize pool. The prize will be awarded within 24 hours of the announcement of the results. Any violation of current GGPokerok rules will lead to the disqualification of the player without the right to receive the prize.

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