Hello, Santa Claus Tournament at Leonbets Casino

Hello, Santa Claus Tournament at Leonbets Casino

On December 20.12.2021, at 03:01 Moscow time, the “Hello, Santa Claus” tournament began on the website of the popular Leonbets casino. This is a New Year’s Eve competition for video slot lovers. Ten contenders will share the prize pool of 90,000 UAH. Anyone who registered an account on the website can compete. The tournament will end on December 27 at 02:59 (MSC). There is no minimum bet amount to participate in the tournament.

The winners will be determined by the results of the table. The data about the accumulated points is entered into it. This mechanics works according to the formula: 37 UAH – 1 point. Points will be accumulated from the first spin if all contest rules are followed. Only bets made in the currency the client specified at the registration stage are taken into account.

For example, a player spends UAH 370 on 10 spins and earns UAH 1000. In this case, 10 points will be added to the leaderboard, since according to the formula 37=1 pts for the amount of his bet only 10 points are allowed.

There will be 10 lucky winners who will fight for the prize fund of 90 000 UAH. The results will be announced on December 27, after 02:59, Moscow time. Indicators of the tournament table will be updated automatically every 5 minutes.

place award
145 000
222 500
310 950

Winning money is credited to the participant’s main balance within 72 hours. Only one game account may be used. The points earned are summed up and entered into the tournament table. It is not necessary to win back the reward. Two participants cannot share the same leaderboard position. The advantage remains with the one who first scored a disputed number of points.

Points will be recorded in the tournament table only if the video slots of the site, more specifically: Blue Panther, Goddess of Lotus, Santas Fruits, Book of Demi Gods, Plenty of Presents, Way of the Tiger and others. If someone is not familiar with the gameplay of a particular machine, he can try it out in a demo version.

Leonbets online casino has set simple rules for tournament participants. It is forbidden to use multiple accounts to increase the chances of winning. In addition, any fraudulent actions will be tracked, and violators will be blocked on the site. The deposit in such a case is not refundable.

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