Hat Trick Tournament at Leonbets Casino

Hat Trick Tournament at Leonbets Casino

On March 22 at 00:00 Moscow time the “Hat-trick” tournament for sports betting enthusiasts was launched at Leonbets online casino. The guaranteed prize fund of the tournament is 300 000 rubles. All registered users who bet in the categories “Hockey”, “Football” and “Basketball” are allowed to take part. No additional fees are required. No qualifications. The number of prizes is unlimited. The minimum bet is 500 RUB. Results of the contest will be announced on the 1st of April after 00:00 MSK.

All bets for pre-match and LIVE events are taken into account in this promotion. The odds of winning must be at least 1.7. Winners are determined by the maximum number of points scored by players during the contest. For each three consecutive guessed outcomes, a participant is awarded one point. When summing up the results of the race, the points for each series of three winning bets are added up.

The winners of the action are all the players who have scored at least one point during the whole tournament. The prize fund is distributed among the participants according to the points received. The monetary prize is calculated by the following formula: user points * 300,000 / sum of all players’ points.

For example, the participants of the race for the whole period accumulated a total of 250 points. The players who took 1st, 10th and 25th places earned 30, 10 and 5 points respectively. The monetary reward for each winner is calculated as follows:

  • For the 1st place: 30 * 300 000 / 250 = 36 000 rubles.
  • For the 10th place: 10 * 300 000 / 250 = 12 000 rubles.
  • For the 25th place: 5 * 300,000 / 250 = 6,000 rubles.
  • In addition, all race participants who earn at least one point will receive an additional 10 free spins at a rate of 10 rubles. Freespins are awarded in the game Assassin Moon. All prizes are paid to winners automatically immediately after closing the leaderboard. There is no wagering wager.

    The organizer reserves the right to change the current conditions of the competition at its sole discretion. All standard rules of the Leonbet’s site shall remain in force. The provisions of the bonus policy must also be complied with.

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